28 Ağustos 2016 Pazar

Kanye West, what have you done?
Kanye West has surprised the world especially his loyal fans after tweeting over the last few days claims of being in debt. He first tweeted asking prayers from his fans in order to overcome his $53 million debt. A series of other tweets indeed confirm his first claim and even asks for help from Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas because Kanye is his number one fan.
We know of other recent celebs who have had financial issues such as 50 Cent and Toni Braxton yet still live a lavish life of luxury despite being broke. Is Kanye simply delusional, or does he really have serious money issues, and is in desperate need of help?
Some believe that he may indeed have these debts, but is reaching out to others in hopes of getting money from fans to pay them rather than using the money he has stashed away to do so. After all Kanye does own several homes and multiple cars. He makes huge purchases for him family throughout the year and likely spends more in a single outing than most Americans make in an entire year.
Kanye went on to claim that people are sometimes confused by the ‘celebrity status’ and do not understand the true work of artists. To defend his claims Kanye says that he serves the world through his art and thus it makes common sense if people were to chip in and make his ideas a reality for millions. What a joke uh?